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Our first Portugal sponsorship target is £180 000 for a 175 000 m2 of land you can see in the video above. This covers the land purchase, creation of the Ecosystem Nursery and infrastructure for 4 farming plots. The land is put in trust for perpetuity and becomes a protected Rewilding site forever.  It hosts visitors and students in eco lodges and the ecological farmers are in situ to care for the planting and soils in perpetuity. Our vision is to create a 'Fertility Corridor' from the UK to Portugal for ecosystem regeneration that supports rapid rewilding, local food production and eco education & tourism. 

A Camp.jpeg

Projects have Founders and Supporters who help create and grow the projects in different ways. Each tribe will be unique to its landscape and linked with all the other 'tribes' along the corridor of fertility. Our vision is to establish a trail of 24 sites from the UK to Portugal that can easily be accessed via sustainable transport.


Sponsorship, donations and off-setting opportunities play a major part in each project and ecological farming opportunities will be veted in context relation to land size capacities.


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