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Help us keep land in Nature's service for ever - create a route of fertility in perpetuity.

Sponsor a Landtribe "clump" of land for yourself or give one as the perfect eco gift.


3x3m Clump
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9x9m Clump

We'll grow the trees and plants needed to regenerate the 'clumps' in our Ecosystem Nursery. Many of the 'tribes' will be failing farms in need of eco restoration. From their soils to their plant diversity these denuded lands need our help.  Support Landtribe to create stable, fertile soils, plant trees, increase biodiversity and create ecological jobs. You will receive a Landtribe certificate and become a member. 

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Join the Tribe

We are not a tribal culture anymore yet we can align our intentions to create a cleaner and stable planet. This is our 'tribe' in essence and in joining it we support each other to restore natural ecosystems. To be kept up to date via our quarterly newsletter subscribe below.  Please follow our social networks. We look forward to meeting you at Landtribe events, workshops & courses on the land we conserve. Stay connected.

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