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Route of Fertility

Sowing the seeds to restore higher ground

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There exists an increasing need to replenish what we have taken from Nature. Through utilising the Natural resources over many centuries, turning lands into farms and planting monoculture forestry we have drastically altered the function of the Natural cycles.    

Landtribe returns Nature's dynamics faster than Nature can do it for herself. This is the purpose for our Landtribe Ecoyststem Nursery in all regions. Natural resources need replacing, fast. We identify and nurture the fastest remedy for each project, before we buy land, to kick start the fertility loop needed in all ecosystem restorations.  

Claiming the 'higher ground' is, for us, creating fertile soil through replenishing and restoring what has been lost. Having travelled along this route many times we see clearly how the land has been denuded through human interactions. 

All life can coexist when 'Nature's Law' is back in place. This route of fertility will feed all life by the manner in which we restore Nature's wild habitats as the original resource.

Join us on this journey restoring the humanity back into Natures cycles. Click on the buttons to find out how you can support us in 3 different ways.


Project #1

Where we were inspired to begin our dreams and get landed. As far as value and money are concerned here we get good Natural capital and great regenerative farming potential.

Safurdao offers 17.5 ha. 175,000m2. (43.24acres)

Our project:

Ecosystem Nursery, 10 sites for Pitches

Funding target  £180k

3 hectares: Leaseholds for serviced regenerative farms.

14.5 hectares: Rewilding/planting trees

13,600 clump sites available @ 3x3m (£10)        

Founding sponsorships available

Potential next Project -


Project #3

We are looking for land around Dieppe Normandy. Around 100k Eu buys 6ha of land. We are working with France based landowners and are looking for appropriate sites for a Landtribe project. We envisage this being our 3rd site we are raising monies for.


United Kingdom
Project #2

Our UK Project is to have life in 2025. We are tribing to gain as big a piece of land possible for monies raised and have set a time by 2024 December 1st to see what we can raise. Let us Spring into our own UK restoration project in 2025.


£ 1.4m for 20.23ha (50 acre) site/trout farm


Project #4

Wild denuded lands are vast areas on the route of fertility and Spain offers much opportunity to turn efforts into positive climatic responses.

Salamanca offers 200 ha at 1.2m Eu.

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