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Farmers for Diversity

Landtribe's Portugal project in Safurdao, Portugal will have 4 serviced plots available for tenant farmers.  We are inviting applications from small-scale regenerative farmers

The overall plan is to convert each Landtribe project towards a design that rewilds 70% and nurtures the remaining 30%.  Caring for the soils in the way we replant and practice farming. Only methods that stabilise soils are adopted for long term use. Landtribe employs a fast track fertility programme. It initiates the dynamic function needed for microbial life to thrive in the soil. This serves the diversity of trees and plant roots fertility loop as we grow to restore ecosystems over time. 
Recognising local resources is important if we are creating naturally functioning farms where food, energy and structure supports ecological farming and micro industry.
Far reducing transport miles associated with food production. Needless to say, but important to recognise, is we do not allow the use of any toxic chemicals on any land. 
Should you want to apply to farm ecologically with Landtribe please email us at for more information.  

Looking at the View

Landtribe is establishing Ecosystem Nurseries at each project,  Our outlook is to plant a food forest only where we can guarantee long term stability through ownership, our land being protected in perpetuity. Our carbon sequestering and capturing forecasts are based on a 100 year life span of a tree. We buy land to secure this outcome and ensure care of management for the project now and for our future generations. 

Care for the natural place of the human race is the future beyond a system. It is our natural heritage and always will be.   

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