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Become a Founder

Becoming a project Founder enables Landtribe to secure land and regenerate the ecological future of it. Through replenishing the hydrological cycles, regenerating ecosystems and creating an ecological business we create a tribe.

Founders can choose to have as little or as much interaction as they wish.  Join the team and get your hands dirty or watch the fruits of your sponsorship flourish via our newsletter and socials.  

Click here to see Sponsorship Packages.


Why Sponsor Landtribe?

Landtribe offers individuals and companies a package of rewards to enjoy as a founding Mother or Father.


There is no other package like ours. It is an exciting opportunity for you or your company to align with a novel environmental project.


We offer a route to recovery - one that creates a route of fertility. We can work together towards a better planet for us all.


Become a Founder of the project and enhance your participation over time to realise the actual difference your sponsorship makes.


Our authentic humanistic approach to ecosystem restoration recognises we, as humans, are part of Nature and always connected.

Wetland Creation

Sponsorship Packages

Landtribe #1 Safurdao, Portugal

175,000m2 (17.5ha) 70% rewilded & 30% ecological farms.


Sponsorship opportunities available 

from  £30k - £180k for initial funding to purchase the land and develop the farms.

Sponsor packs include:

Founder name display

Personalised publicity campaign 

Eco lodge stays

Team building days

Promotion throughout the Landtribe network


You company can offset its carbon fooprint with the existing tree community on this project plus the replanting quota.

Carbon offsetting capacity for this project is based upon replanting 15,000 trees. 1 tree = 1 tonne CO2 over 100 years (USDA)




Environmental Credibility

Through your association with Landtribe you will gain environmental awareness, carbon offsetting and hands on participation in critical ecological restoration.


Landtribe actively creats innovative ways to work the land for Nature's benefit.  Developing land for a new generation of farmers that wish to grow naturally. Your sponsorship will help lead the way to a better future for young regenerative farmers.

This is where we stand out. We are developing new ecological business lines whilst benefitting the natural world. We nurture Nature and farm naturally for higher quality local food source and stabilise the environment.

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