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Ecosystem Nursery

We Grow - We Plant  - We Teach - We Learn


Our Ecosystem Nursery provides optimal conditions for germinating seeds and propagating plants. Each tribe's nursery will grow native species selected for regenerating natural habitats over the long term through succession planting plans.


Join our journey and donate to restore denuded soils.


Landtribe's first Ecosystem Nursery will be situated in Portugal. It will grow trees and plants for ecosystem restoration projects. In Portugal we have several land owners joining our replanting of native tree projects that create stable carbon offsetting programs. Each supporting existing replanting projects and supporting those who buy more land to replant Nature. 


Supporting our nursery will mean we can develop nurseries in various regions, even before buying land. We will create a tree seed germination chamber within a structure chosen for easily maintaining optimal internal conditions. Small spaces can germinate millions of seeds. Once germinated, or propagated, we nurture trees and plants over a few months to a year before being planted out. 

Trees, like humans, thrive with their communities around them.  By this we hope to express the importance of including both humans and animals in the growing & replanting process.  The failure rates of many tree planting projects is due to the lack of companion planting and human nurture needed for the saplings to thrive.  Our project aims for "thrival not survial".


Carbon offsetting certificates for those wishing to have proof of their contributions towards the Landtribe projects will be issued. 

Please donate to our Ecosystem Nursery now

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