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About Us

Challenging & Changing How Land Works

Landtribe's purpose is restoring wild ecosystems, regenerating microbial life in soils, animals and flora that flourish alongside a thriving land based community.  
We create landscapes that fast track biodiversity giving the basis for native succession food forests to grow well.  In this process carbon sequestration and long term capture are achieved along with establishing land caretakers and farmers.  
Farmers become guardians of the restored habitats for the long term conservation of the restored environment.  
Our understanding through regenerating soil is the best way to harmonise lands natural balance so affected by human induced soil erosion and climate change. Overall, our effort allows carbon to rapidly sequester and remain in the Earth to be part of the cycle in equilibrium giving out life affirming oxygen.


As a permaculture farmer, Gary Redding, and marine environment consultant, Atlanta Cook, based in the UK and Portugal, draw upon decades of environmental work in their fields of expertise.  Their mission is to replant habitats for increased bio-diversity, restore natural water cycles, rewild, plant food forests, replenish soil fertility and create stable ecological agro businesses on a 'trail route' of 24 Landtribe restoration projects running from the UK to Portugal.  

"Atlanta & I have come together to develop a platform where ecosystem restoration is inspiring the business we do. Our overall aim is restoring denuded land with long term environmental protection at the heart of our purpose. With restoration programmes, eco business lines and ecological regenerative farming we see a way forward. I personally feel many are also wanting to join this healing journey and nurture the abundant fertility the natural Earth clearly provides." Gary Redding Jan 2024   

Landtribe sets up environmental land projects, creates Ecosystem Nurseries and supporting infrastructure that nurtures diverse forest succession planting plans, as the start of a sustainable ecological and vocational solution. Increasing the hydrology of the land and rapidly improving soil health is the basis for all life to thrive in the shortest time possible.  The ratio being 70% rewilded and 30% ecological farm.

We are creating a way to join together to initiate ecological businesses that protect and replenish the soil of the many Landtribes along our route of fertility.  Developing small scale farms & eco camps for zero waste & net zero carbon aka 'ecological living'. Directly supporting small scale growers & farmers wishing to restore ecosystems, increase local food security and help enhance wildlife corridors through Europe.  

Having humans nurturing land amongst the rewilded 
landscapes greatly increases tree planting survival rates.  Trees, like humans, thrive with their community around them.

Supporting Landtribe funds buying land for 'environmental land development' with native planting plans for the long term prosperity of local flora & fauna. The land will be held in trust for Nature in perpetuity.  Please join our route to recovery.
Donate to our first Ecosystem Nursery here.

What is Environmental Land Development?

We know land development does not need to harm the environment - by enhancing and nurturing natural cycles land projects can be more profitable with less inputs. 

Preservation and regeneration of the natural Earth and its cycles is our business. A business we can all have a hand in, now.

Help us create a network of nurseries for Nature!

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