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Safurdao, Portugal 7.5ha Rewilding Farm


WE ARE CREATING OUR FIRST PROJECT IN SAFURDAO, PORTUGAL. 175,000m2 17.5 he We walked on the ground, and camped out, in September to view land and assess water supplies and the land layout. The plan is to invest in creating a nature protected area that can be nurtured through our land based ecological business practices. Landtribe will purchase this land and create an ecosystem nursery and 4 x ecological farms. 20 minutes from Spain the site has a river bordering one side for 400mts. It was flowing still in Sept '23. Eco lodges could be nestled into the ravine leading down into the gauge, each pitch distanced so plenty of privacy and space for animals, trees and plants to thrive. With deer being present protection for young trees will be necessary yet before any planting is done we need to replant cover crops and grade the land. Each site surrounded by trees and plants combined with existing species, as sites dictate. Replanting capacity is 10-15000 native trees. Creating food forest gardens and implementing a nature regeneration project choosing native succession species. Native specie replanting and regenerative farming plan for the land to return natural cycles back into farming & ensure water retention is maximised. Imperative in these conditions where the heat of Summer is in 40 degree heat For more information and registering your interest please SIGN BELOW FOR THIS PROJECT We will send out details in a prospectus to your mail Alternatively write to

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