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Restoration Expeditions

A restoration mobile camp and crew to help kickstart ecosystem repair.  

Revitalising the dynamic requirements serving Natures cycles.

Environmental support wherever it may be needed.

We set out on restoration expeditions along the Route of Fertility in the UK, France, Spain and Portugal with small teams of restoration crews.  

Purposeful ecosystem restoration projects we all support along the route of fertility.

Soil exhaustion from human use, animals in this case on the left, is common. It exists all along the route of fertility we are venturing. We are bringing solution to cure the ills of our making. The soils are so compacted even the natural cycles cannot revive nor repair the land alone without dramatic changes. 


From North to South, environmental issues are similar, yet the extreme opposite conditions exist. What is a solution for one is not for the other yet what is needed is common. Natural ecosystem repair restoring the functions of Nature. 

From the ground up we restore all environments towards functioning to its optimal natural cycle stabilised with native trees and plants. Many we grow in our Ecosystem Nursery for particular areas, focusing on native trees and plants. We include indigenous animals already existing and plant for them to be supported whilst increasing wild life habitats too.


The more diverse the planting the better and more efficient carbon cycles operate. Offsetting, capturing, rewilding, regenerating and restoring all require Natures' dynamic cycles to be upheld and repaired through ecosystem restoration.   

Landtribes are a team for any ecosystem repair and restoration project.  

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