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Restoring Ecosystems for Rewilding & Regenerative Farming

Join our path to recovery - Let's plant a route of fertility



Our Mission

Landtribe creates rewilded communities. We buy land and create the conditions for native wild habitats to flourish alongside ecological farming. 

Landtribe challenges the status quo of how land is restored, accessed, farmed and cared for over the long term. Our projects have a 70% rewilding and 30% regenerative farming model that nurtures all life forever. 

Our mission is to create a 'trail route' of these Landtribe projects within 50km of each other. Where we restore Nature's dynamics, initiate regenerative farming and manage the conservation of wild land for the long term benefit of humans & wildlife. A wildlife corridor of fertility with local productivity.


The trail route between the UK, France, Spain and Portugal amounts to 24 different 'tribes' within 1,350 miles. Creating spaces to thrive in a better future is something we can all choose. Preservation of the natural Earth is all our business.


Landtribe Ecosystem Nurseries will provide the wealth of plant diversity needed to increase soil fertility.  Restoring depleted soils is something we all need to engage with to ensure future food security.


Ecosystem repair is the modern way of utilising natural fertility loop methods that support a new era of ecological farmers and livelihoods 


Landtribe educates through consultancy, mentoring, guiding, project development, hands on building, workshops and courses. 

In a nutshell, Landtribe buys land, develops the hydrological landscape and restores biodiversity for activating ecosystem functions. Natural cycle rehabilitation being the goal. The result being native wild habitats that flourish alongside increased ecological farming. A Rewilded Community!

Fertility Route 2.png

Route of Fertility - Project #1

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