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With a background coming from Zimbabwe I feel more comfortable dealing with life on the land, a lot more than in a city. My love of working on, and with land, came from being around great teachers practicing natural farming methods and from others spearheading permaculture in those times (1988). I was a young man reintergrating my energy back into my birth land after a time of education in the UK.

I got inspired by teachers on the land showing me first hand and learnt more about ancient food systems over time. It all contributed to implementing and incorporating natural methods into my potential thriving! I went farming on 180 acres over 8 years from 1991. There, over time, I crafted my own carpentry workshop and established around 5 acres under my growing project 'SEED'. Overall it was to provide a diverse food forest garden with vegetables and herbs, but also within the whole design incorporated energy systems. In this case we were creating a biogas digester. These gardens were planted, tended and were forever being developed as part of my daily dance over many years, and formed a basis for living whilst tending the gardens and woodlands supplying the workshop. I married and also had my kids there, life really thrived and the natural world embraced us all. So many experiences forming a generally hidden reality I had there. We are sincerely connected and can live close to the natural Earth and all its living creatures, well, thriving even. Read the BBC Wildlife Magazine article on my project by clicking on the image below.

1998 BBC Wildlife Magazine about my home in Zimbabwe

After arriving in the UK in 2004, I yearned for returning to a wilder life, now that is exactly my inspiration, to 'rewild my community' again.

I see things as life and death cycles, what living encapsulates is death, it really is represented as a dance in my mind's eye - the connected reality of what supports life itself is mostly unseen. Care for that first. All knowledge learnt from natural observing and learning is not confusing, quite the opposite, even the kids get it! Let the land lead the way and follow the knowledge we inherently already have and we always will be grounded, as many would prefer it, on the land.

In contrast, conventional commercial farming dominates, eradicates and disrupts natural cycles and is the abhorrent monoculture for producing anything. Now a different world view seeking antidote for obvious ills within farming practices exists, we should meet it well. Soil health and maintained fertility cycles are part of new farming solutions that many are slowly adopting, namely through 'regenerative farming'. I am part of the ecologically natural regenerative cycle crew! Call it what you want, but I follow farming methods naturally inspired, observed and understood to be healthy and naturally vital. I firmly adopt methods that focus on the function of Natural Cycles in all designs and methods restoring fertility and soil stability. From there we can thrive and produce all we need.

So, Landtribe, my new life's effort, is for bringing all I have learnt and integrates knowledge many others bring towards restoring soil health and natural dynamics as the primary function.

Planting food forests, growing trees and nurturing plants in our Ecosystem Nursery is my favourite work. Replanting into the land even more so, watching them grow and nurturing even more than that!! The journey to recovery may take a while, certainly not just in my remaining lifetime, so I am glad to be choosing the bits I love along the way and creating an ecological business for many to utilise. I also look forward to creating, in part, the 'route of fertility' and supporting those in place along the way.

So, to the lands we restore by planting native forests I go, those lands being regenerated for ecological farming, providing sustenance for wildlife and our living needs, locally and in many places. See you there, on the route of fertility!

Under my favourite Cork Oak tree not far from the site for our first Ecosystem Nursery - Portugal Sept 2023


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Hi, We are Atlanta Cook and Gary Redding

We have joined forces to create an ecological way of life somewhere between the sea and mountains. Our work restores ecosystems. 

Our platform will raise funds for planting trees and their companion plants at Landtribe nurseries for local ecosystem regeneration.

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