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Atlanta Cook Marine Environment Consultancy

A bit about Atlanta Cook and why she is fascinated with ecosystem restoration on land and at sea. Atlanta started her marine conservation adventure in 1991 helping organise Surfers Against Sewage's first Brighton photo shoot and fund-raiser. She was an SAS Brighton Media Rep and set up SAS North Devon which successfully campaigned for the building of Baggy Point Water Treatment Works at Croyde Bay. She became a Director in 2000 and remained in post until the birth of her daughter.

SAS named her an Honorary Life Member in 2005 and she continues the original Campaign for Clean Seas to this day.

She became Co-ordinator of Seas at Risk Federation, an international federation of marine environment NGOs in 2001.

She has been an independent marine environment consultant since 2004. In 2017 she started to recruit Brighton & amp; Hove schools to the national SAS Plastic Free Schools programme in a bid to help the city win Plastic Free Communities status.

For a free 30 min consultation on any fresh or salt water pollution issues please call her on +44(0)7767 341 059 or email

Honorary Life Member - Surfers Against Sewage

Co-operative Consultancy Partner – Ocean’s 8 Brighton

Alongside Atlanta Cook’s work on marine pollution she has been raising awareness of ecological and ethical issues within the Brighton community for many years, with events such as the Bosnia Festival in 1994, Greenwaves Radio in 1995 and the Dance Parade on Brighton seafront in 1997.

She moved into the renewable energy sector as a conference organiser for the World Sustainable Energy Trade Fair from 1997-2001 and then moved to The Netherlands to work on the marine environment full.

More recently Atlanta has become a co-founding Trustee of Beacon Hub Brighton CIO, an eco-education and visitor centre for the Beacon Hill Local Nature Reserve next to Rottingdean Windmill

With the need to teach land regeneration practices to enhance biological diversity becoming ever more urgent she is now working with Gary Redding at Stanmer Organics to skill share, and set up Landtribe as a Co-director. This UK and Portugal base project will create nurseries to grow indigenous trees and plants to restore Natural ecosystems diminished by mono-culture agricultural practices and wild fire.

“Be part of the solution to global pollution. Be mindful of the ecological consequences of your daily actions. This not only brings sustainability closer for us all, but also brings meaning to your life and peace to your heart. Be the change you want to see.” Atlanta Cook


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