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Carbon in-Oxygen out

Choose the ideal quantity of carbon offsetting targets suited to your carbon footprint

Offset your Co2 footprint - Restore Native forests and plant with us along our Route of Fertility

We have worked out our 'clumps' work on a minimal £15 per tonne basis. Each clump has a variety of trees and plants that sequester and stores Co2.





To make soil conditions optimal for tree growing we restore fertility in denuded soils before planting trees. This action greatly enhances the trees roots systems once planted a year later. We work to regenerate the ecosystem on all levels.



Once you decide on your offsetting tree package we germinate seed in our Ecosystem Nursery and care for it for one year before planting out onto the land.

Tree clumps do not come in single denominations as we plant for diversity. We focus on native succession trees supported with fertility loop feeding trees. These clumps go together to make fertile Forests.



Each project on the Route of Fertility has a native tree planting plan. Choose a clump to suit your budget and we send you an offsetting certificate. These are supported with geo location of sites replanted you will be updated. Each project has a limited clump capacity. Your offsetting pack can also be transferred to a friend or family.




Landtribe offers you a way to offset your carbon footprint through supporting our Nature restoration projects on lands we buy for restoring ecosystems in perpetuity.  


When creating a carbon life cycle, diversity is key. 
Holistic regeneration creating Natural Cycles.
Supporting all that lives, and what doesn't, on the land.
A complete Ofsetting Carbon solution, with Integrity.

When considering Landtribes approach to  carbon capture and sequestering methods we are also bound to understand Natures ecosystem of which carbon is a part. Our basic equation is working to each projects tree replanting capacity over the first 100 years along with existing capture quotas from resident trees. Kickstarting the early forest life and regenerating the soils microbial life is key for successful health forest growth and all plants for trees carbon capture and sequestering role over the long term. This would be added to onsite tree populations capturing capacity and we calculate the restorations carbon equations.


Our Ecosystem Nursery is geared up towards returning native indigenous trees and multi specie plant populations specific to the region. Here we created a tribe to support this vital element of our restoration work and offer our projects tree planting planting plans for sale as carbon offsetting certificates. The work we do will be verified by a third party for our continued credibility. PLAN VIVO? 



Average UK consumer carbon footprint is 8-13tonnes per year

offsetting in a lifetime = 80years x 8-13 tonnes = 640 - 1040 tonnes in a lifetime


In areas where forests are most productive (i.e., moist tropical regions), they can sequester up to 11 tonnes of CO2 per hectare per year in above-ground biomass and additional carbon below ground.​ In essence one person would need I hectare (min) planted to offset their lifestyle in the UK.

They can also then gift their offsetting program to a friend or relative to continue receiving the carbon offsetting benefit once they are departed. A tree planting plan can last for hundreds of years held by one family or company. Why? Landtribe buys land for this very reason, to guarantee your and our commitment is lasting.  

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