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FEB 2024

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The land we buy remains in Nature's service in perpetuity.

Supporting Landtribe enables a wide array of environmental projects that stabilise and regenerate habitats over the long term. Creating stable, fertile soils, planting trees, plants and restoring Nature's dynamic function. Whatever way you wish to support our work on the land accumulates to restoring ecosystems. 

What We Do

Landtribe sources land for ecosystem restoration through conservation of existing native habitat, rewilding flora, fauna and communities supported with ecological farming projects. The long term regeneration and conservation of the natural cycles is our business and is something we can all support or engage. It is the basis for creating ecological living in a modern way and implementing farming methods that are linking into the natural cycles. Our main intention overall is to ensure stable environments for the long term health of soils, flora, fauna and ecological humanity.

Landtribe works with land owners and its own land creating off grid modern ecological spaces for hosting us, wildlife, wild experiences, eco learning, nature based wellbeing, rewilding projects & regenerative farming.

Our landscapes include, rewilding 70% native forests, wild flower meadows, grasslands, natural pond systems & pools, geodesic dome nurseries, permaculture landscapes, woodland spas, yoga decks, bird hides, wild “glamping” sites & farm based support facilities. Our business is the land restoration and the land is hosting our business!


Landtribe creates better solutions through investing in land and implementing ecological solution based businesses for the long term. Creating spaces to thrive in a better future is something we can all choose. Preservation of Earths natural cycles is all our business.

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